Dance Klub 24.12.2013


Datum akce:

Dance Klub

DJs & Bands:
DJ Kuba Kubicek (house)
DJ St. Claire (minimal)


DJ Kuba Kubicek

Styly: house

Kuba Kubíček (Cubic)

has been a staple of the local electronic scene since 2007. From the very beginning he earned respect due to his effortless mixing, super charged energy and positive vibes. His sound now stylishly rides the border of tech-house and techno using minimalist elements which when added to precision timing and Cubics ability to read and react to the crowd sets a tall order for rival local DJ's

At the beginning of 2008, he left first time to Costa Rica, where he rocked numerous parties. Recently he became a resident dj at CUBISM-Chapeau Rouge, in Prague which is new format of party for those who are tired of mainstream….,

In his relatively short career DJ Cubic has appeared at a number of prestigious parties and he is among the most exciting of the emerging new generation of Dj's.

During his recent trip to headline at Vertigo in Costa Rica, he decided to venture into more production based work. Together with St. Claire, he is launching a new studio and performing project, debuting in late February 2012.


DJ St. Claire

Styly: minimal

Entered the clubbing scene in 2007 starting on good vinyl. In Prague her beginnings can be traced to the legendary Chapeau Rouge, Roxy, Mecca, Summer of Love, Summer Session....This marked her first invitations and trips across the border to Slovakia, where her success was even more widespread. In the summer 2010 she was invited to play in Monaco, opening her doors to the international dj scene.

Besides being a talented DJ, St.Claire has also been active promoter, St.Claire's resident party - Relaps in Roxy with Brian Sanhaji, is usre to re-appear and reinforce her position on the Czech DJ scene.

Recently, during her trip to Costa Rica to play several venues, she started a collaborative production and performing project with Kuba Kubicek (Cubic). They will launch this project in late February 2012 during Cubism @ Chapeau Rouge.

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    12 - 03
  2. pátek / friday
    12 - 04
  3. sobota / saturday
    16 - 04


start 20.00
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