Them Darned Teenagers

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Styly: , this will hurt

Dvojice Djs a producentů tvořená Ianem a Katy se na scéně pohybuje od roku 2012. Ve své tvorbě se inspirují napříč hudebními žánry a jejich tracky vyšly na amerických vydavatelstvích jako je Sex Cult Records nebo Calamity of Noise Records.

Mají za sebou tour po Spojených státech s Designer Drugs (Porn and Chicken, Evil Olive, Chicago; Electric Circus, Tulsa; Riot Room, Kansas City; The Other Side, Wilkes Barre), hráli také v Holandsku (Beats n Bass, Eindhoven), Německu (Kiddo, Mnichov & Normal, Berlin) a ve Slovensku (Bass Down Low, New Spirit & Subclub).

Pravidelně vystupují v Praze jako rezidenti pražského klubu Chapeau Rouge.


Djs and producers Them Darned Teenagers were firstly introduced to Prague club scene in 2011.

The motivation to mix everything that electronic music can offer gained them strong audience and added a special touch to their sets, that gradually shaped a solid sound on which is their current own produced music based.

For 4 years Them Darned Teenagers are holding their own residential dance party in Chapeau Rouge club in the centre of Prague with stable attendance between 200 to 350 people. They are also being sponsored by Plenty Cash clothing and & Novation.

After performing in clubs in central Europe and Germany they were touring USA in spring 2016 spinning decks in clubs in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maryland and Oklahoma. In May they released single on Sex Cult Records and plan on releasing more singles soon.

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tel. 222316328


  1. po-čt / mo-thu
    12 - 03
  2. pátek / friday
    12 - 04
  3. sobota / saturday
    16 - 04


start 20.00
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