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Cultura Tres has its origins in Venezuela. With the first EP "Seis" (2007) the band already outgrew the South American continent, landing European support slots for bands like Pro-Pain and even being invited to perform at the world release show of Gorefest's "Rise to Ruin" album in their homeland the Netherlands. The quick growth of the band should come as no surprise, since the four band members possess skills and experience gained from years of writing, recording and performing in different bands; with some individual highlights including Rock Al Parque for 80,000 people (Colombia), Ozzfest, Hodokvas Festival (Slovak), Rock TV Night (Italy), the "Chaos AD" tour of Sepultura (South America) and a variety of albums and video-clips that met with critical acclaim.

Encouraged by the excellent response to the EP, the musicians locked themselves in the studio for a year of rigorous composing. In October 2008, the band released debut album "La Cura" in South America, gaining them a hurricane of media attention.

After a release tour through homebase Venezuela, the band was invited to a showcase in London. There they were spotted by Metal Hammer magazine, who selected Cultura Tres as the month's global metal discovery. During their stay, the band was offered additional shows in mainland Europe, enticing them to stay longer and prepare for a European release of La Cura. Cultura Tres started recording the videoclip for their European single "And Then I Woke Up" in Holland. In the mean time, the debut videoclip of South American single "Libertad" (recorded in Venezuela) burst through its intended boundaries of South American music television, when it was picked up on internet. As a result, it also attracted the attention of important magazines in Europe and even Japan, each praising the album for its dark and original music.


This summer, in between festivals in Holland, Cultura Tres went back to South America for a promotional tour in Argentina, furthermore proving their hold over the continent. Shortly after, the entire band received a full endorsement from Ibanez. And now, with European and Japanese release tours set for spring 2010, the future for Cultura Tres looks brighter than ever… Don't miss this chance to hear the new sound of South American doom!


MetroPolice (Latin-American rock magazine, dec 2008): "The album "La Cura" contains the successful product of a long musical search: fourteen songs of voodoo-like metal that will haunt you and leave you guessing which way is out. To those who gave up on metal: this band has the rare power to make even the most jaded listener enthusiastic again."


Metal Hammer (UK metal magazine, jan 2009):

"This month's global metal discovery is the mighty CULTURA TRES from Venezuela.”


Burrn (Japan, april 2009)

"The band's style of dark, gloomy riffs with swelling groove is strong, tight, and as heavy as it is unique: Tool meets South American rock!"


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tel. 222316328


  1. po-čt / mo-thu
    12 - 03
  2. pátek / friday
    12 - 04
  3. sobota / saturday
    16 - 04


start 20.00
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